Monday, October 13, 2008

Who really owns your house?

I often say that I will never REALLY own my house. I may be the owner of the mortgage payment, or the owner of the tax payments, but I'll never be the owner of the house. Because, if I stop paying one of those items mentioned, the real owners of my house will let me know who they are.

In other words, stop paying those bills and you will see that the bank owns it if you have a mortgage payment, or the government owns it for as long as you have a tax payment. The question is, when will I ever own my house? The answer is never because I will always have to make that tax payment. You know, there are only two things certain in life.....death and taxes.

So what's the point?

Well, if I OWE the bank, then the bank OWNS my house. If I OWE taxes on my house then the government OWNS my house. What about the government? Who owns the government? WE the people right? Wait just a second........IF the Government owes the BANK, then that must mean the BANK owns the GOVERNMENT.

Ever wonder about our national debt? It's like some infinitely large trillions of trillions of dollars that we owe. Who do we owe it to? I used to always wonder. And I finally figured it out this past weekend.

What very very few people realize or understand today is that the gap between rich and poor widens because of one thing. Our money supply.

Only one in one thousand people can get their heads around this. During the primaries I thought Ron Paul was a bit loopey and didn't try to understand what he was saying. He wants to abolish the IRS. Why would I ever want to see that happen? Actually, I would welcome the event and vote for it immediately.

Now that it's too late, I understand exactly what he was saying.

The gap is getting wider because there are a so few that understand the rules to the game of attaining wealth today. When Nixon took us off the "Gold Standard", our money system then became a "fiat" money system. Fiat money systems are good for a season, and it would last for a long time if it weren't corrupted by greed.

As kids we tried to play monopoly. Our efforts were in vain. I never understood the genius of that game until my late twenties. Monopoly is a game that utilizes the fiat money system, and the game works well as long as the banker doesn't cheat....but temptations often overcome. And that's what we're seeing today. The bankers are cheating, BUT we're yapping about Dems vs. Repubs and taxes versus tax cuts when we should really be talking about the FED, a privately held company for profit in the business of printing money. The next business I start will be in the business of printing money, because it's very very lucrative. I just have to figure out how to do it legally.

By being able to merely print as much money as the governent wants, politicians are free to make promises they cannot afford with their budgets. Even though the federal budget dwarfs the combined revenues of Exxon, Wal-Mart and Microsoft combined, they still can't afford to give us all the services that they feel we need. AMAZING!

What exactly is it that I get from the Federal Government?

The promises they make can be a war that of course is painted as necessary, or it can be universal health care. It can be a housing bailout. They're price fixing housing today to supposedly save the 5% of people who bought homes they couldn't afford. Do you really think the bleeding hearts of our politicians are looking out for the 5% of us that either speculated on housing or bought beyond our means?

Whatever the case, the politican will campaign on a promise to raise taxes on the rich, or not raise taxes at all, and offer the latest and greatest government program to solve the nation's problems. The Dems or the Repubs seem to pull this off with ease.

In reality - with slight of hand they raise taxes on the poor and middle class. As they print more money to pay for these things, they are taking it right out of everyone's bank accounts, pay checks, and anything else that is measured by dollars. Because as they print more money, your pay check can afford you less and less, and your bank account will buy you fewer and fewer goods.

If you can't increase your revenue stream quickly enough to keep up with the rising costs of inflation, you are being left behind and sent into poverty. Double digit inflation here we come.
After we get through this recession in 18 months to two years, the next economic season will be good. It could be five or ten years. Maybe just two years. But it will be long enough for everyone to get comfortable again, and get back to being greedy. It will be the sharpest climb in history. People will feel like they're getting rich again. But with that steep climb will come the mother of all economic falls, like a thief in the night.

So who owns the federal government?

The Federal Reserve - a privately held company for profit. We owe all of our debts to central banking. And everytime we borrow more and more from these central banks, they own just a little more of us. As I study the history of money, the bankers obtain their power when there is a central bank for an economy. It started in Germany, then moved through Europe, and then the deal got closed in 1913 here in the U.S. with the Federal Reserve Act. They have swept the globe gobbling up global economies and centralizing them under their bank.

The trick is, they have to get a country to borrow the money from their printing press of fake money. And now, the printing of the money has gotten cheaper and cheaper, it's a mere electronic debit to that governments bank account.

The business plan is pretty simple. If I control the money supply to an economy, then I control everything. Hence, the banker position in the monopoly game.

Why didn't I think of that sooner?

Turns out, it could have been one of my ancestors that schemed this up. Somehow our family didn't stay on the inside of the right circles.

The business plan all started with the Goldsmiths and then was ultimately mastered by the Rothchilds.

Come'on grandpa, if you would have only paid attention in your economics class!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Money Masters - Understanding markets, politics, & fear

I pondered my Cousin Jordan's Blog and his frustration is shared with many. Recent events are perplexing, and few understand the logic behind Bailouts and the subsequent stock market crashes. I continue to study and try to understand, so that I may best protect my family and not live in fear like so many seem to do.

The simplistic answer in trying to gain understanding of life's events is to imagine yourself playing monopoly with "The Golds" at a family event. If you have ever witnessed or played the game "spoons" at a "Gold" family get together, then you should understanding of what it would be like playing monopoly with the Golds.

Here is a VERY INTERESTING VIDEO that should explain better. Finish my post first, then watch the video, then go read the books.

It's 3.5 hrs and appears to be nearly 3 decades in the making based on the host guys mullet from earlier video clips.

As I watched, I was amazed at how well it explains todays politics, the bail out, and the oddities of the price of oil.

Jordan - If you really want to understand I recommend you start by reading books. Not, how to get rich quick books, but books that help you understand the game. If we were talking about football, you want "Football for Dummies" and not "How to Win the Game in the 1st Quarter."

After watching the 3.5 hr video read these books.

I recommend:
1. Intelligent Investor by Graham
2. Rich Dad Poor Dad series books by Kiyosaki

"Money is only an idea. The rich invent money."

Thursday, September 18, 2008


When you were a kid, did you have one of those moments where you got excited and a little wound up and did something really stupid that you knew wasn't going to be pretty when you're parents found out?

I you could do was sit there and wish it never happened and hope and pray that you were dreaming and would soon wake up.

Like Erika's story that I can't seem to find where Colby dropped the Little Ceasers Pizza on the floor of the car and all Erika heard was: "Oh dawn it, oh dawn it, oh dawn it." (Erika, please link to that story)

AND NOW - Introducing David Kernell son of Democratic State Representative of Tennessee Mike Kernell.

I wonder where he could have ever got the new password "Popcorn" from?

I'd say he's had one of those moments.

Uh-oh....dawn it, dawn it, dawn it!

Hope and Change

So here's Joe Biden telling those that make over $250,000 it's time to buck up and show a little patriotism.

I recall a certain tea party in American history. Were they proposing patriotism the same way Joe Biden proposes it?

Our ancestors chased their dreams. They wanted a better life for their children, and their children's children. They were frustrated with a government that told them how to worship, and a government that took what they earned to give it to others.

We often imagine that the Kings that enjoy taking the citizens money and just sitting on it. Throwing the gold into the vault somewhere so that they can run it through their fingers with an evil laugh. That's not what they did with their revenues. The Kings took peoples money and gave it to their staff, their jesters, the peasants. They did the things that they thought would best serve the people.

Our ancestors took a great risk and crossed the Atlantic to chase their dreams here in America. What was it that sustained them when faced with such adverse conditions? How much did they have when they arrived? Was it the wealthy that left the comforts of home back in Europe that were making such a long treacherous journey here?

NO, it was those that had little in Europe, and even less in America. They had nothing more than "Hope and Change." Is it the "Hope and Change" that we are promised now in 2008?

What sustained these diehards with little more than a dream and a few cloths on their back? Was it the government run programs? Was it the universal health care? Or the food stamp programs? Was it the goverment housing programs? Was there a federal minimum wage?

It must have been a patriotic government program right? One that helped the poor enter teh ranks of the middle class? Higher taxes must have been imposed on those that made more than $25 a year. Those tea party folks must have felt it was more patriotic to pay some higher taxes, right?

Our ancestors came here with ambition. They came with real hope, and real change. They didn't have any government mandated programs to give them a leg up. There was no mandated ladder from the government to help them out of poverty and into the middle class.

They may have had some family to come to that helped them survive. But mostly they had neighbors. Friends from their mother country. They didn't have social services to go to when they needed help, they had churches to go.

NOW Check out Joe Biden's tax returns.

Ten years of tax returns. His family never made less than $210,797. That year he donated a whopping $120 to charity. Maybe it was just a bad year right?

His best year shows an income of $321,379. They generously donated $380 that year.

The most charitable donations in the last ten years that Joe Biden shows on his tax returns is $995.

The average American donates approximately 2.5% of his income to charity. Joe Biden donates about a tenth....a tenth of one percent.

The CBS headline reads: "Biden's Tax Returns Show Modest Wealth"

It should have read: "Biden's Tax Returns Show Financial Ignorance"

Joe Biden's income adjusted for inflation has been over $100,000 since he started in the Senate back in the 70's. A person with any financial intelligence making over $100,000 a year for the last 30 years should easily be worth over $1M.

Joe just doesn't get it. Neither does Barack Obama. That's why they want to take it away from those that can, and give it to people like themselves, those that can't.

It's their version of Hope and Change. I suppose that 232 years of freedom and independance is just too much. It's time for "Real Change!"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thoughts and prayers..........

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of those on the trains.,2933,421801,00.html

And to those in Texas. This is from Hurricane Ivan approaching Alabama. I thought it was really cool video footage of the storm surge.

I'm sure they're capturing Ike in similar fashion.

a story about gun control.............

These guys picked the wrong mom to mess with...............,2933,417122,00.html

Friday, September 12, 2008

Glenn Beck - The fusion of Entertainment & Enlightenment

I started listening to Glenn when I was driving back and forth to school beginning in 2001. It took me probably 6 months or more to realize he was LDS.

That's a long time for the mormon radar to start working.

You see, we mormons tend to speak in secret codes. We tip each other off to our mormonism, in subtle, secret ways. And so it generally only takes a few minutes to figure out, or become suspicious at least.

Recently, I was at a business meeting for Tow Business people here in Virginia. There is a lobbyist working to represent the small tow companies of Virginia. As I listened to him talk about the plight of the small towers, I began to become suspicious. After the meeting I was able to succesfully confirm his status as a member of the church. So in one evening it was confirmed.

I recall when I started to become suspicious of Glenn. It had to be January/February because they were talking about the Super Bowl. Glenn was planning his Super Bowl party and one of the assistants, Stu, was asking him about how that worked with his church and all. Stu was giving Glenn a hard time about having a Super Bowl party on Sunday.

In typical Glenn fashion, he said that Sundays were special, and reserved for family...."but C'mone, it's the SUPERBOWL!"

After some quick research on the web, it was confirmed that Glenn was indeed a member of the church. He has an incredible conversion story and I never tire of hearing him tell it.