Friday, September 12, 2008

Glenn Beck - The fusion of Entertainment & Enlightenment

I started listening to Glenn when I was driving back and forth to school beginning in 2001. It took me probably 6 months or more to realize he was LDS.

That's a long time for the mormon radar to start working.

You see, we mormons tend to speak in secret codes. We tip each other off to our mormonism, in subtle, secret ways. And so it generally only takes a few minutes to figure out, or become suspicious at least.

Recently, I was at a business meeting for Tow Business people here in Virginia. There is a lobbyist working to represent the small tow companies of Virginia. As I listened to him talk about the plight of the small towers, I began to become suspicious. After the meeting I was able to succesfully confirm his status as a member of the church. So in one evening it was confirmed.

I recall when I started to become suspicious of Glenn. It had to be January/February because they were talking about the Super Bowl. Glenn was planning his Super Bowl party and one of the assistants, Stu, was asking him about how that worked with his church and all. Stu was giving Glenn a hard time about having a Super Bowl party on Sunday.

In typical Glenn fashion, he said that Sundays were special, and reserved for family...."but C'mone, it's the SUPERBOWL!"

After some quick research on the web, it was confirmed that Glenn was indeed a member of the church. He has an incredible conversion story and I never tire of hearing him tell it.


Alice Faye said...

What a neat clip. I knew Glenn was LDS but I had not heard his conversion story.

About your other post, my Dad had a third grade education and yet he was able to create a very successful business. Unfortunately his health was not good the last three years of his life and he wasn't able to sustain his business which caused some financial problems. Still, I have always been amazed at his success. He died at the early age of 62. That's just two years older than Duane. I wish we could have had him a lot longer.

By the way, your parents have been married for 36 years. They were married June 8, 1972.

I ate the cookies and I did get bloated!!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

i loved this jarrett...thanks for the share...i may have to link.

Mother 25 - 8 said...

I didn't know FOR SURE he was Mormon until he was interviewing Romney and Glen said, "We share the same religion..." That's when my light bulb went on.