Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Money Masters - Understanding markets, politics, & fear

I pondered my Cousin Jordan's Blog and his frustration is shared with many. Recent events are perplexing, and few understand the logic behind Bailouts and the subsequent stock market crashes. I continue to study and try to understand, so that I may best protect my family and not live in fear like so many seem to do.

The simplistic answer in trying to gain understanding of life's events is to imagine yourself playing monopoly with "The Golds" at a family event. If you have ever witnessed or played the game "spoons" at a "Gold" family get together, then you should understanding of what it would be like playing monopoly with the Golds.

Here is a VERY INTERESTING VIDEO that should explain better. Finish my post first, then watch the video, then go read the books.

It's 3.5 hrs and appears to be nearly 3 decades in the making based on the host guys mullet from earlier video clips.

As I watched, I was amazed at how well it explains todays politics, the bail out, and the oddities of the price of oil.

Jordan - If you really want to understand I recommend you start by reading books. Not, how to get rich quick books, but books that help you understand the game. If we were talking about football, you want "Football for Dummies" and not "How to Win the Game in the 1st Quarter."

After watching the 3.5 hr video read these books.

I recommend:
1. Intelligent Investor by Graham
2. Rich Dad Poor Dad series books by Kiyosaki

"Money is only an idea. The rich invent money."


Alice Wills Gold said...

Well, I guess I now understand why I don't have any money...I gotta be rich so that I can invent it!!!

Man, I have to admit I have almost been a little happy about the financial crisis, it's about time the rest of the country experiences what I experience every day!

crashomatic said...

Oh that's harsh!