Sunday, April 6, 2008

When it rains it pours!

It's been a bad month I guess. I'll recap my losses for the month of March 2008.

1. Stressful day at tax office ended up with a totalled, wrecked, shiny red, Ford F-150.

2. Nice weekend away w/ wife to Virginia Beach ends early, including heated discussion, 3 hr silent drive home, and blown transmission.

3. Paid $110 for ticket from wreck. Followed by 3 to 4 other close calls on the highway. The cop warned me to be careful because these things always seem to happen in pairs.


I learned that I was getting robbed blind by one of my wavers last week. IT took me about a week to figure out who it is, and now I've got the sting set up and we're going to bust her this week and send her to jail....hopefully.

It won't make much of a difference really. I'll never see the $2700 dollars that I'm missing. but I really want this young lady to learn her lesson. We'll see if my luck changes, and I can transfer this negative karma to my waver.

And I really liked her, she was a good waver. There goes her career.


Mother 25 - 8 said...

I hate thieves more than anything in the world. They just TAKE what another person works hard and honestly for. Thieves always get it right back though. Always.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I hope nobody tips her off from your gotta be careful with these kind of never know who is have to wait until AFTER The fact.

And remember have mercy, we were all young and stupid once. You have to give her a chance to make restitution...really, that will make you a happier man.

O.k. officially off soapbox...sorry your month has been so crappy...all I have to compare is my whole year of 2007! The good news, life has gotten better.

Rach said...

OK so when that much bad luck happens in our lives, the only way I can justify any of it is by looking for a ray of sunshine through all the pouring rain...

so look at it this way, you will probably never drive another vehicle without turning your lights on first, and no-one was killed/hurt in the accident; the fine is just money, easily replaced and a good lesson learned; the transmission is fixed, yes it cost a lot of money to replace, but you will know to never buy another Ford SUV; your next rendevouz away with Missy will be absolutely fantastic and full of romance as you know what doesn't work! and as for the thieving, you are about to teach a very valuable lesson to a young person who has made a dreadful mistake... so all in all I think this makes you the most romantic, knowledgable, safe driving, humblest teacher that I know - who is just a little poorer now!