Monday, March 24, 2008

Accidents are bound to happen!

AS promised, I'll explain the wreck from last week. I'm also feeling pressure from the fans to keep blogging, I hate to let them down, but someday it's bound to happen.

I don't like to wallow publicly about my own woes because I couldn't be more blessed in life. When I'm with Missy, it might be a different story, but for the most part I like to think I stay positive.

Two weeks ago to this day, staying positive was becoming very challenging. There were some issues at the office. A mistake was made that cost the taxpayer a lot of money, cost me a lot of money, and also caused me to discuss this with a very irate woman. As many of you know me, I'm a lover, not a fighter, and like George McFly would say: "I'm just not good with con-fron-tations." In addition to the irate woman....who really is a sweetheart, but very frustrated with the situation, she has a very large, very black, ex-con husband, who has a huge scar running down the side of his face, from a very real fight with his own brother. Many people would be somewhat afraid of this guy upon first meeting him. He grew up in some hard circumstances in NYC and New Jersey. But it wasn't that I was afraid of him at all....though the thought crossed my mind.

I really love this family because they are good people trying to raise their kids right and doing the best they can do. They have a contract on a house, and she's been working really hard to save and buy their first home. She was counting on the tax refund to go towards the down payment. So it kills me to see something like this happen. But it happens and all we can do is do our best to fix things and move forward.

So, I dealt with that for much of the day. Then, that afternoon, a computer decides to konk out, which was the only one we can do business returns on, and so I decide that was it. I called it a day and told those that were in the office I was leaving.

My surburban was running on fumes, and when I pulled out from the office I headed home the back way, which is the way that didn't have any place to stop for gas. I was too mad to turn around and go get gas and besides, I was heading down to the garage and figured Joseph would either have a little bit of gas or I could run and get some with one of the trucks. And if I ran out, he could always just come and tow me with his WRECKER. ;) (just for you Ali)

I literally coasted into the shop and ran out of gas. In hindsight, I was lucky to make it.....or it may have been unlucky.

I caught up with Joseph down at the garage and decided I'd get something done with him that would relax me some. We'd been wanting to take a van up to Missy's brothers place so that he could do some work on it for us. So, we hooked it up to the WRECKER and off we went. I meant to grab the gas can and fill it up at the station that we would pass but I didn't.

We took care of our business and chatted a little with Missy's brother, Lil Buck. It's always a pleasure and I was feeling a little less stressed. WE headed back to the shop.

I was planning on driving the Red Truck until I got some gas for my Surburban. The Red Truck was titled in my dad's name, and he payed the insurance, but I'd have to say that it was Joseph's wife's truck for the past 3 or 4 years.

Alicia fell for Joseph because of the fire engine red Ford F-150 that he was driving there in Rexburg Idaho. It was a beautiful truck with some nice chrome accents and allow wheels with slightly oversized tires, the thing had a real nice look. IN fact, when Joseph and Alicia were dating, it was Alicia that drove, while Joseph sat in the middle with the stick shift between his legs. (TRUE STORY! Just ask him/her. What a sissie!)

I digress.

Back to the accident. I was planning on just heading home once we got back to the shop, it was after seven now and getting late. I was going to grab the gas can and fill it up the next morning.

Missy calls and says she's craving some chinese food. I oblige with a Westly: "As you wish."

I call in our order of sweet and sour chicken and chicken and broccolli.

Stop at the gas station and fill up my little gas can.

Leave the gas station and head down main street about 3 blocks. Then, this dude in his Jeep Grand Cherokee decides to make his left turn at the precise moment that I can't avoid his blind ignorant sorry (insert explicative)! Sorry, I'm still ticked off about it!

I had all of ten feet to think. I slam the brakes, look right for an escape but some lady is sitting there at the stop sign. It's too late to go to even look to the left of him and see if I can escape in the on-coming traffic side of the street.

My next thought was: "Well pal, you just bought yourself a soon to be smashed 96 Ford F-150!"

I brace myself and then........SLAM! I stare at the steering wheel to see if the airbag is going to deploy. It doesn't and I'm glad b/c I didn't need it anyways.

I couldn't figure out why the guy pulled out right in front of me. It didn't make any sense.

THEN IT HIT ME! My headlights weren't on!

I just bought a smashed up 96 Ford F-150 and a smashed up Jeep Grand Cherokee!

The perfect ending to a not-so-perfect day.

The lady at the stop sign was so excited to tell the cop that she was a "WITNESS." The other driver just said that "He didn't see me." I just told the cop that I'd pulled out from the gas station and didnt' realize my lights weren't on until we hit.

I got the ticket for not having my headlights on. Which also put me at fault.

The court date was this morning. I couldn't decide if I wanted to prepay my ticket or try and get the judge to let me off easy. I went early and talked to the officer to feel it out. Things looked grim b/c of what I said, and b/c there was some crazy lady there to witness the accident.

SO, about 9 minutes before court was scheduled to begin, I prepaid my ticket.

The officer said the lady was coming to testify......................................

I hope she waited all day long!

(I'm still bitter. In 16 years of driving, I'd never been in an accident! Dawn it Dawn it Dawn it!)


Alice Wills Gold said...

I am so happy to keep dishing out the pressure. I love the stories...think of it as doing a really righteous thing called writing in a journal.

Of course, for me, the story was all about the WRECKER and Joseph dating while sitting in the middle of the truck with the stickshift between his legs...haven't heard of that before.

Maybe it was time for Joseph to get his manlihood back. God needed to destroy the woman's truck!

I am sure that everything will work out and I am really glad that you were not hurt...really.

Rach said...

Wow and I thought we were having a bad week? I hate tickets. When we first moved to Waynesboro, I got a "failure to obey a highway sign" ticket through Westwood school district. It really should have been a speeding ticket as I was doing 40 mph when I should have been doing 25 as the school sign was blinking... anyway, I had never had a ticket before and had to pay around $89 I think, which I was so mad at myself for... but it's all good,at least I didn't hit a child or something and I ALWAYS slow down at that blinking school sign now.

crashomatic said...

I'm still embarrassed to have a brother lame enough to ride in the middle with his girlfriend.......

Is there anything more sissified?

I didn't mention my seven speeding tickets I've had over my 16 year driving career. And since I never had an accident during all of those years, I consider it a testament of how great a driver I am!!!!

I drive too fast, but at least I'm safe. A judge doesn't seem to see it my way though, so I'll just avoid the judge.