Friday, March 21, 2008

"Let's just discuss it."

Something my father would often say to us as we were teenagers. I guess I got much of my gift of gab, and blog from my father. We had a Stake YM's YW's Presidency meeting last night and at times the meetings are a true test of patience.

My father likes to repeat the same things in about 300,000 different variations. That's how he communicates, repetition, repetition, repetition.

So when we were teenagers, he was very much the same. I'll never forget the night that my younger brother Joseph and his buddies all decided to sneak out late one night. It was probably to go TP a young ladies house, or maybe to sneak her out. Security was never a strong point at my parents house and sneaking out of our house wasn't much of a challenge because our rooms were downstairs in the basement. To sneak out, you merely had to walk out the basement door.

Joseph and all his buddies, somehow managed to get caught. My dad then ensued in one of his long lectures. And when I say a long lecture, we're talking 2 to 5 hrs. After hrs on end of this "Let's discuss this" lecture, his buddy Eric finally interrupted and said, "Joe, this is the worst punishment I've ever had. My diddy just beats me and git's it over with."

Our father never beat us, but he would torture us with his lectures. I'll probably apply the same technique to our children as teenagers....I'd take them to see their grandfather and have him do it, but he somehow sees his grandchildren in a different light than he did his own children. The effect just wouldn't be the same, especially for his precious granddaughters.

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Alice Wills Gold said...

Dirk sure does have a way with the words!

And, let's just say that you won't have far to go to be ready to torture your kids like your good old are getting much practice on your newfound hobby...blogging...he he