Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jay Jay - A friend to love.

I've got just a second.

We went to Aspen's kindergarten orientation this morning. With Brighton paving the way to stardom, I think she'll especially find favor at school with the teachers and principal.

Apart from us dropping Brighton off in our disastrously messy vehicles, Brighton leaves a good impression on the the principal and her teachers. She's always dressed very cute, her blond curls are meticulously prepared, she's been taught to greet the Principal with a loud "Good Morning Dr. Garber!" She's certain to have her moments in class, after all, she won the "Most Dramatic" award in her kindergarten class, but overall she's really sweet and treats her classmates with kindness.

Last year, in Brighton's kindergarten class, she has a classmate named JayJay. Beings that I'm semi-retired, I would often catch a field trip or class activity and got to know most of the kids by name. JayJay was one that always needed special attention. It's apparent that he comes from humble circumstances. He was often wearing some tattered sweat pants, second hand sneakers, and smelled of cigarette smoke. JayJay shows signs of ADHD, or something to that effect. He's one of those kids that you wish you take home with you.

Brighton would often come home that year with stories of JayJay picking on her. Pulling her hair, or kicking her leg, or giving her a push while they were lining up. She'd noticed that JayJay didn't have a lot of friends, and that he was often a bit messy at lunch.

I would tell her that JayJay liked her and thought she was pretty. She was confused because kicking and pulling hair didn't seem like the way to say such a thing. I told her that boys were pretty silly that way. I'd also gently encourage her to be nice to JayJay and be a friend.

So, today as we walked through the school to go find Brighton in the 1st grade and surprise her, we first came across the other 1st grade class. When JayJay saw me he came running at me full speed and gave me the biggest hug and said: "HI buddy!" It was a nice moment.

Missy then told me that back in February, when she asked Brighton if she wanted to give any Valentines to anyone in Mrs. Hoy's Class (the other 1st grade class) she said:

"I guess I should give one to JayJay."

One of my favorite things my mission president left with me was this quote:

"Look at others through the eyes of those that love that person."

If can teach my children one thing, it will be that. Look at others through the eyes of the mother, the father, or even Jesus Christ himself. NO matter what the situation or circumstances, you can always find a set of eyes of a person that loves that person unconditionally.


Alice Wills Gold said...

yeah for the gold family loving jayjay and making me cry!

I just love this! Truly, it made my day..thanks for sharing.

And, if you continue to post daily, I will be even happier.

Mother 25 - 8 said...

Missy looks at you with those eyes Jarrett.

That was a good post by the way. I was the "JayJay" in school minus the cigaret smell. My teachers would always give me bags of clothes or even walk me home. But only when it was snowing real hard.

crashomatic said...

"Missy looks at you with those eyes"

Sometimes that's not what I think she's saying when I get "The Look."

And Erika, you didn't smell like smoke, you just smelled like a mixture of rice, fish, and garlic.

Anything to make you happy Alice Wills Gold. You've got your princess bride wesley....or rather, Westley, as Missy corrected me on it this evening. Like I said, she has that script memorized. I never realized she went as far as to learn how to spell everything in the script...which is quite a feat for Missy.