Tuesday, March 4, 2008



I've finally arrived. I'll be the first of the MEN, to officially blog and join the wives club. I'll be offering a voice from the male perspective. I've chosen a black background to exude my manliness.

In the past, I've posted on webboards made up of a collection of motocross junkies like myself at various sites under the screename crashomatic. Often times my posts were more like blogs, longwinded and preachy. And so, once Missy started blogging on her blog, I saw a better forum for me to direct my focus and attention. I kept wanting her to let me post on her blog, and make it a family blog, but she didn't seem too keen on that idea, so, here it is after midnight, I'm gonna let it all hang out, and create my very own blog.

So why crashomatic? Well, it's my screen name that i've always used online. MSN messenger and the likes carry my screen name. From whence did I adopt this name? It's from my days of riding motocross. At the track, I was one to always push my personal limits. If I didn't crash at least once I wasn't riding hard enough.

My friends gave me the name crashomatic.

I've often approached life in similar fashion. It's full steam ahead once I've made my mind up and committed to something. And now, to explain Freedom at Forty. I've committed myself to becoming rich. I did so at my grandmother's funeral in November of 2002. I'll share that story later. But, what you will often see from me and my posts are a philosophy of a person destined to becoming independently wealthy. It hasn't happened yet, but the foundation has been laid, and my goal is to be financially free by the time I turn 40....or 2016 thereabouts. When I state my goal in conversation, I often get a sarcastic response of ...."Yea right, good luck with that kid!"

I also love Henry Ford quotes, one of which is: "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a think, YOU'RE PROBABLY RIGHT." Another one of my favorite Henry Ford quotes is: "Thinking is the hardest work there is, that's why so few choose to engage in it."

And so, my wife is behind me 100%, which is the first step to achieving my goal. We are well aware of the consequences of our actions. We'll either be pretty comfortable, or we'll be living in our bus flat broke when I turn 40. Hopefully we'll be fantastically wealthy and have to convice our kids that we're really poor......it seems it's family tradiditon or something if you check out my wifes blog: http://some-times-i-wish.blogspot.com/2007/11/some-times-i-wish.html

With a solid foundation of faith, I find no objections to a man pursuing wealth. One of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon is in Jacob chapter 2 which says....

"18 But before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the kingdom of God.

19 And after ye have obtained a hope in Christ ye shall obtain riches, if ye seek them; and ye will seek them for the intent to do good—to clothe the naked, and to feed the hungry, and to liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted."

That sums it up for now.

So now all I have to do is get Missy to show me how to jazz this up a little with some photos, links, and one of those cool maps.


Anonymous said...

I think you will be the sole man blogger not the first--hey but, thats what makes you cool!

Alice Wills Gold said...

jarrett, i never re-check comments, but lg just found your rebuttal on missy's christmas light post and brought us over here.

I am so excited about your blog.

My only comment on you wanting to be filthy rich is: it takes women like missy and me (who grew up with absolutely nothing) to support our hubby's craziness....i hope it pays off for all of us, eventually.

LG and I don't need to be filthy rich, we just look forward to the day that our debt and student loans are paid off!