Monday, March 31, 2008

The Financial markets - The times they are a changin'

The biggest news story of the day had about 9 seconds on 'TODAY' and I've seen no other air play.

I'm not a money genius and so I'm in the same boat that most everyone else is and when I read this stuff my thoughts are:

"What the heck does any of this mean?"

But I do recognize it's importance, and as I read, ponder and pray, the inspiration will come to me as to what it is this means to my family's everday life, and what it is I think I should do to protect us and be prepared for the changing times.


It may seem an article like this is insignificant, and that it doesn't affect your everyday life, and that you're just a little guy...or girl for that matter. Which is precisely the reason that it got a very small blurb on the Today Show, and then they moved on to some other infomercial about someone's new CD or movie which so many of us find so much more interesting..........

My advice is to read, ponder and pray to understand the information available to us, because it does affect our everyday life, especially when it comes to finances and money. Those dollar bills that you have in your pocket and the electronic score that you have in your bank account is exactly what these decisions affect. How would you like it if the wrong decision is made and then suddenly everything you've worked hard to get is suddenly worth absolutely nothing? IF you really think about it, what REALLY is that dollar bill worth? Let me remind you that it's little more than a piece of green paper. My kids are pretty good at making those.

Here's someone's spin and analysis here:

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Mother 25 - 8 said...

I say dig for oil in N. Dakota!!